Diverse elite zombies have their own special abilities and a passion for blood.


No longer simply smashing guns, running poisonous circles, killing.


This is a doomsday city and people are cautiously looking for ways to escape.



"Code Z" is a Multi-Player doomsday TPS/FPS.

Under the end of the world, players need to be on the lookout for zombie attacks, face the harsh living environment, and explore survival in the end of the world, whether it is individual single-handedly or working with other partners, in order to find scarce living resources for this world. Work hard for a day, and beware of the dark sword behind other players.


This is a game that dares to innovate.Let us see a different view prevailed in platform migration and lack of creativity today.

  TAPTAP Adrian Ray

This is the first time we have seen so many zombies on the phone screen! It can be achieved on mobile platforms, which is incredible game development.

  Unity Awords Salvador Moore

The idea of seeking vitality in a world full of zombies with teammates makes the game socially deep, a harbinger of the game's long-lasting vitality.

  PocketGamer Clayton Fields

丨Enjoy now

In the last days, your competitors are not just humans, but also creatures that are not humans - zombies. They are not a group of vegetarians, they ambush in all corners, what kind of smoke will be set in this battle of survival. A battle about survival is about to start. Survival and competition, speed and passion, survival is far from being as simple as imagined. Here, survival is the only rule!

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